Mindful walking is good for your health

Mindful walking really helps you to reconnect with yourself and the world around you. So often we rush around trying to get from A-B that we forget to stop and take in what is going on around us! By learning how to do Mindful Walking we can become calmer, more relaxed, more aware and more grounded people. So how do you do it?

1. Look around you while mindful walking

As you’re walking along, really look around you. What can you see?

  • Maybe you’ll notice a bug busily crawling along the path you’re walking?
  • Maybe you’ll see a child laughing with joy?
  • Maybe you’ll see a leaf as it swirls around and down to the ground?
  • Maybe you’ll notice how a concrete wall has started to crumble and decay?

Really look around you and make a mental note of all the little things you notice.

2. Take in any scents

mindful walking smells

Take a deep breath in and notice what you can smell. What can you smell? Is it;

  • Freshly cut grass from the neighbours lawn?
  • The smell of a smokey fire burning in the distance?
  • Dinner cooking from a nearby restaurant?
  • The smell of wet earth after a heavy rain shower?

As you walk really try and notice the subtle changes in what you can smell

3. Touch objects while mindful walking

As you’re walking along, stop and touch some of the things you see (if appropriate obviously!) What can you notice?

  • Is the object rough or smooth?
  • Is it warm or cold?
  • Is it wet or dry?
  • Is it soft or hard?

Really try and take in all the sensations you can feel on the object. It may be a wall, the trunk of a tree, a leaf or maybe a fence rail?

4. Listen to sounds on your mindful walk

mindful walking

Whilst on your mindful walk notice what sounds you can hear?

  • The birds singing in the trees
  • Your feet crunching on the path
  • Traffic noises in the distance
  • The breeze rustling the leaves

You may be surprised by all the sounds you can hear when you really stop and listen.   The first time you go on a mindful walk it may feel a bit weird, as it’s something you may not be used to, however, the more you practice, the easier and more natural it will feel. Even after your first session, you should feel more calm, more relaxed and have achieved a greater sense of well being.